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{Mo}Tography: 10 days, 10 apps - Day 4

Can you believe it’s November? Our class starts in just 8 days, and we are SO excited to be ramping up! Today’s app is also available for both iPhone and Android, and I can’t wait to show you how to transfer photos both TO and FROM your camera and your computer, both with iCloud and with today’s first app!

NOTE: NOTE: iPhone users, if you’re using iCloud, you won’t need the Photo Transfer App! :)

Go grab it here for iPhone: Photo Transfer App

And grab it here for Android: Photo Transfer App


If you own an Epson PictureMate (I own the Epson PictureMate Charm, and I love it!), or another 4x6 printer, I’ll show you how to send photos straight to your printer with your phone! I LOVE printing 4x4 Instagrams from anywhere in my wireless network, and I’ll show you how. :) I know there are services out there for ordering 4x4 prints, but there IS an option for printing straight from home - if you’re in the market for a great little 4x6 printer, I definitely recommend the Epson PictureMate Charm + the Print app.

Here is the Print app for iPhone: Print App for iPhone

Here is the Print app for Android: Print App for Android


{Mo}Tography: 10 days, 10 apps - Day 3

Hello and Happy Halloween! Today’s app is available for both iPhone and Android and helps you create awesome photo collages right on your phone. The app is called Diptic, and we love it! At only a buck, it can’t be beat. :)

Go grab it here for iPhone: Diptic for iPhone

Go grab it here for Android: Diptic for Android


{Mo}Tography: 10 days, 10 apps - Day 2

Hi there! Welcome to Day 2 of our 10 days, 10 apps adventure as we ramp up for our {Mo}tography class! If you take photos with your cell phone, this class is for you!

Today’s app is an adventure in creating your own customized cell phone background. It’s called Pimp Your Screen in the iphone App store, and allows you to create a background on your phone’s wallpaper, and then layer “shelves” over the top of the background. So awesome! Here’s an Instagram showing our cool {mo}tography background with shelves layered over it. Best of all, the Pimp Your Screen app is half-off right now, at just $.99. Yay!

Android Alternatives

Now if you’re rocking an Android phone, we aren’t leaving you behind! There are several apps that will allow you to customize your background. The complication here is that there are lots of different screen sizes, so there aren’t any “shelf overlay” apps. These are the best I’ve found:

  • Wallpaper Wizardrii - allows you to set an image as your background, and then set the dimensions for both horizontal and vertical displays
  • Wallpaper Maker - allows you to “pin” photos to a background. Looks perfect for adding multiple Instagrams to your background.
  • - a site that has many, many backgrounds - lets you customize the search for your particular device so you get the right size
  • Google search for “shelf backgrounds” - TONS of awesome options here, for images you can download and place your icons on

Have an awesome day, and we’ll see you in {MO}tography!


{Mo}Tography: 10 days, 10 apps - Day 1

Hi there! We have 10 days left until our {Mo}tography class kicks off, with a LIVE web show with Heidi Swapp and I on Thursday night, November 8 at 7 p.m. Mountain/9 p.m. EST. We can’t WAIT for our class, and we’re hoping you’ll join us. Be sure to register right here at Class is only $19!

In preparation for the class, we will be posting a different app every day until class begins, that we will be discussing in more detail during our class itself. It’s the app list for class, AND it’s fun! Be sure to check back every day until November 8 to see what the next app is!

Our first app, of course, is the foundation app for the entire class - it’s Instagram! If you don’t already have Instagram on your phone, please RUN to your App store or Android market and pick it up. First off, it’s free, and second, there is TONS of stuff you can do with it!

Assignment 1: Follow Heidi and Jessica on Instagram

Our first assignment for class is that you follow Heidi and I on Instagram, so we can share photos for class and play our first game, all about #hashtags. We’ll talk more about the hashtag game in class - for now, just check out this video for how to follow Heidi Swapp and I on Instagram (and a bonus on how to install the beautiful cell phone background onto your phone, too!)

Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to November 8 and the start of {Mo}tography! Don’t forget to register right here at



Announcing: {MO}tography

Whew! What a fall it has been so far! I can’t believe we are rolling in to Halloween and November! It feels like time is flying by. Today I want to share a class you might already have heard of - but that I haven’t blogged in detail about. I’m team-teaching with my good friend Heidi Swapp, and the class is called {Mo}tography.

{Mo}tography is for every person who takes pictures with their cell phone. That’s you, right? I know that’s me. Over the past year or so, I’ve stopped lugging my big DSLR camera with me everywhere. Mostly because I just forget in my hurry to get out the door to whatever it is. And also because I have a great camera with me all the time, for those quick candid shots. Heidi is the exact same way - and this was our inspiration for combining our skills to create a GREAT inexpensive class to show you how to ROCK YOUR CAMERA PHONE.

Packed with video instruction on over a dozen of our favorite apps, and with awesome details about Instagram and all its uses, our eight-day class begins with a LIVE web-show featuring both Heidi and I (I’m flying out to Utah! YAY!) at 7 p.m. Central time on November 8.

Heidi has prepared some really amazing hybrid projects featuring Instagram photos, and of course I’ll be behind the vids, showing you all the goods you’ll need to know to take, enhance, filter, frame, share, and print your photos like never before. I can’t wait!

You’ll be joining crafters and cell phone photographers from around the world in a week PACKED with fun and instruction you’ll use forever. The class is $19, and then will have a list of apps you’ll want to get, which are either free or low-cost.

Click here to register now for {Mo}tography!

And don’t forget to download our sweet, sweet phone background as you anticipate the goodness coming your way starting November 8! Here it is:

And if you’d to us a GREAT favor, we’ve got several sizes of blog badges right here:

Just remember to link them up here: Link to Motography class!

See you there! :)

xoxo -J


TrueScrap Q&A

Please post here if you have Action, Computer, or Photoshop questions!



Project Life Blog Hop!

I am SO EXCITED and honored to be a part of the Project Life Blog hop today! I have had so much fun with Project Life, and as you know I’ve been participating using Becky’s digital version of Project Life, which you can see right here.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about how to use them in Photoshop, I have created a video tutorial right here: Project Life digital - video tutorial!

And don’t forget to stop by Becky’s site for a bunch of new stuff on her Free Stuff page: Becky Higgins’ Free Stuff Page!

And lastly, I am so grateful to be a part of something so special! Leave a comment below to win one of these prizes (chosen specifically as a digi/hybrid Project Lifer!):


I love the new Instagram-sized page protectors, and I LOVE the tall envelope pages for storing memorabilia I’m too lazy to scan for my digi pages. ;)

Here are the other stops on the blog hop!

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Thank you so much for stopping by! Best of luck in your entries! :)


xoxo - J


"But With Joy" Silhouette project

I was asked to create a vinyl project by my good friends over at Silhouette, and of course I agreed in a heartbeat!

I have never done a vinyl-on-mirror project, so I thought that would be a fun one. I also wanted for the project to be inspiring as I looked in the mirror before heading out into the world. I chose a line from one of my favorite hymns, “Come, Come Ye Saints” as the focus for the project and set to work!

I first cut a poppy and the word JOY (both from the Silhouette store) from olive green vinyl, put them on the transfer paper, and transferred them to the mirror. Then I used the Bebas font (from for the rest of the line of the song, which I cut in black. Here is a shot where I am lining up the words getting ready to peel off the backing and then transfer them to the mirror.

Here is the GIANT MESS I made:

And here’s how it turned out!

I will say this: Photographing a mirror is VERY HARD TO DO. Can’t get right on, or then you’d see that I haven’t showered yet today. Can’t shoot inside or you’d just see my living room. So I ended up on the front porch shooting against my red front door, and balancing a piece of white foamcore against my legs. You can see a little peek of my cell phone in the top left corner of this one:

I used a really beautiful chipboard set from My Mind’s Eye’s Follow Your Heart line as accents, here at the top, on the left side, and in the bottom right corner.Here’s a detail of the vinyl lettering:

And the embellishment in the bottom right corner - the big green piece is the poppy vinyl I cut out with the Silhouette. The poppy is a flower with lots of symbolism, in Greek mythology, in Chinese symbolism, in Christianity, and in the remembrance of the end of World War 1. Check out this interesting article :

The chipboard is from the My Mind’s Eye Follow Your Heart collection. The bird here and the flying one above are from an old Pink Paislee / House of 3 set. I used a mini clothespin and some baker’s twine from MME as well.

And to show what it looks like face-on (still haven’t showered - sorry about that):

All in all, it was a GREAT first attempt - I learned that the Silhouette Hook (which looks like a tooth scraper the dentist uses) is invaluable in peeling the negative vinyl away from the cut pieces. And it helped a lot to use scissors to cut the piece down before trying to peel the excess away. It was pretty detailed work with some of the fiddly bits.

I LOVE my new mirror, and I hope you do too! :)



And a month goes by…

This is what happens when vacation and summer heat and general weirdness of schedule all combine to create a spinning vortex from which no light (or blog posts) can escape.

I’ll do better. It’s August, after all. :) School starts in 21 days (not counting, right?), I turn 37 later this month and have my Anthropologie discount card in hand, and it’s the Olympics.

We’ve been watching the Olympics every night, all together as a family. It is so much fun to root for the swimmers, the beach volleyballers, the gymnasts(!), the runners - all examples of near-perfection in their sport, and it’s so inspiring to watch.

Jared and I have loved sharing the tradition of Olympics-watching with our kids - we are not sports fans, so this is a big deal around here - who are old enough for the first time to really appreciate it (AND will be 11 and 12 when the next one rolls around - gasp!), and helping them appreciate the history they’re watching: The Phelps. The Douglas. The Fab 5. The Franklin. The Bolt (even if we didn’t get to see him race! grrr). The Pistorius. The May/Walsh. Phenomenal. Historic. Stirring.

Their courage and dedication is unmatched - at least out in the open where the world can see. Their committment, their mental and physical toughness, their drive. It makes me think that maybe *I* can try a little harder in my small sphere - to be greater than I am.

And then came the Nike ads, to seal the deal.

Here (the 12 year old boy):

And here (Greatness is for All of Us)

I’ve been trying this summer (and not succeeding very well, to be honest) to find myself again. To come within sight of my path again - not daring to hope yet that I’ll get back ON anytime soon. To get some momentum, some purpose, some meaning infused back in. I haven’t found it yet. But these games represent something to me that gets renwed every time I watch - some promise, that with continuing courage and the will to keep moving, anything is possible. I can believe them. I do.


My New Christmas Line!

I am so excited to announce that I’ve done a Christmas line with Echo Park Paper Co.! It’s called Very Merry Christmas, and it is in the gorgeous colors of a traditional, vintage Christmas with some modern twists! Here is the preview for the entire collection:

I am so excited about this collection! It’s the first time I’ve ever had my designs printed, and I love the way it turned out! For more detailed shots, you can go to the Echo Park site to check them out!


It's our 5th Birthday Blog Hop!

It’s Beach Party Time!

Please download my portion of our collaborative Celebration kit, and celebrate with us! 

Click the image above, or click right here to download this free kit, which will be available until June 24!

Please visit our other designers to download the kits!

Go to Design by Dani next!


FREE Photoshop Class - Photoshop Top 5

June 18-22 I am teaching a brand-new, FREE class at In honor of our 5th birthday, I’ve chosen 5 indispensible techniques and created projects to teach them - I call it the Photoshop Top 5, and I hope you’ll join me in the free class! I am biased, I’ll freely admit that. But if I had to teach only 5 things to everyone in the world, things I feel like ANYONE can find useful now and forever, these are the 5 things. This class is perfect for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements!

Project 1: Edit a Photo

One of Photoshop’s core functions - it says it in the name - is to enable you to edit photos. Then why isn’t it easier to take a photograph from GOOD to GREAT in a few steps? In this project I’ll show you how to go from this photo:


To this one - awesome! A gorgeous tinted black and white with tons of detail and clarity. It isn’t hard, but it isn’t obvious, either - several different commands and palettes are involved, and I’ll show you how in Project 1!

Project 2: Digital Scrapbook Quick Page

A quick page in digital scrapbooking terms is a page that’s been pre-designed for you - so all you need to do is drop in a photo or two, add some text, and you’re done! So why do I think this is an essential technique? Because of the two key elements you learn WHILE you’r making this page:

  1. How to combine images together into a single document to work with
  2. How to use the Type tool

In Project 2 we’ll take the photo we edited and add it to a digital Quickpage, like so:

I’ll show you how to install and stamp that journaling brush, AND how to add type to the date tag and the journaling lines. Plus, of course, the page itself is a great FREEBIE you can use again and again. (Courtesy of Dani Mogstad, Pink Paislee, and Echo Park) Love!

Project 3: Add Frames & Texture to Photos

In addition to being able to make your photos GREAT, Photoshop also enables you to get creative and artistic with your pictures! You can add type, brushes, frames, and textures to create gorgeous works of art! Here’s the photo we’ll be working with to add a clipping mask, a frame and two textures, to create a gorgeous beach scene:

So lovely - perfect for adding to the front of a card or for framing and hanging in your home!

And speaking of CARDS - let’s check out Project 4!

Project 4: Create a Card

Let’s face it - some cards are works of art by themselves - better even than the gift. Invariably, those cards are handmade with love. You can use Photoshop for your hand-making and infuse some technology into your card-making process - and even add brushes and type to personalize before printing.

In this project, we’ll use clipping masks and embellishments to create a beautiful double-sided card your recipient will gasp over! Here’s the front:

And when you open the two flaps, there’s plenty of room for your sentiment and a personal note!

The materials here are from Dani Mogstad and Pink Paislee!

Project 5: Blog Header

A Top 5 class wouldn’t be complete without instructions on how to create your very own blog header using Photoshop and the Photoshop Brush tool! I can’t wait to show you how to create a gradient, add in photos and brushes, and save out your own customized header!

Register Now!

So are you IN? Will you join me on Monday the 18th of June for our week-long class? I can’t WAIT! Spread the word!

To register for the class, simply copy this Access Code: PSTOP52012

Then click here to enter it in our Gift Codes page, and you’re done!

I can’t wait to see you in class!


It's Photoshop Friday! Tint a Photo

Happy Photoshop Friday! I’ve got a brand-new tutorial and digital template ready for you today! We’ll focus on adding a tint to a photo. Design-wise, you can use this to de-emphasize accent photos. Like so:

This tutorial is available at for $2.99!

Supplies I used:



FREE DOWNLOAD - Father's Day Ticket Album

I was asked to teach a Father’s Day gift craft at our church meeting on Tuesday, and came up with a cute Father’s Day ticket album, which I’d like to share with you as a free download! It includes pockets for notes from you and your kids, as well as a pocket for a gift card as the last page. Here’s how it looks:

The pages themselves are formatted to fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of white presentation paper (or take them down to Office Max - they do an awesome job!). The sheets look like this:


The only real instructions here are on pages 3 and 4 of the PDF. There are three pocket pages. So you’ll cut all the cards apart except for the pockets, which you’ll leave together, and fold in half. Glue the edges together to form a pocket to put notes and a gift card in!

Click here to download the FREE Father’s Day Ticket Album! (four PDFs in a .ZIP file)

Supplies I used:


FREE Photoshop Class - Register Now!

As part of our 5th Birthday celebrations, I’m offering a FREE Photoshop class, perfect for bloggers, crafters, photographers, memory keepers - everyone! It’s the Photoshop Top 5: 5 techniques that everyone should know in Photoshop.

This one-week class has a project every day to show you the 5 indispensible techniques EVERYONE needs to know to get around in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Registration is free, just go here: