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So we settled on a paint color. For everywhere but the kitchen and one wall of the scrap room/office.

It’s a Martha Stewart Signature color called Carrick Bend. It’s mostly brown with a little teeny bit of green. And check it out! This very ambitious web development company actually put Hex and RGB codes to every single Martha Stewart Signature color. WOWEE. 

So if I wanted Carrick Bend for my blog AND my bedroom, there it is.

And in our really desperate need to change out the chandelier that is hanging over the space where our kitchen table will be, I was checking out lights last night. Found this one that is way out of our budget, but so cool I can hardly stand it:


See that red bit? That’s actually one of three acetate filters you can slip in to have blue, yellow, or red glow. Awesome.

Okay, I’ve been busy designing a few new papers to go in a Mystery Kit. Tomorrow I’ll give a sneak. Shhh. Don’t tell. 

Also, don’t forget about the 2fer Tuesday. You’ve got a week to make two layouts with the same kit, and post the links to the comments from the 14th. Cool? Okay go! :D


2fer Tuesday CHALLENGE

Here’s a quick layout I did last night:








This layout isn’t going to win any design awards. It doesn’t have that “I spent 3 solid hours making this” look about it. But I like it all the same. I used the Being kit by Jen Wilson, a Schmootzy Frame by Nancie Rowe Janitz at ScrapArtist, a Fresh Floral brush by Jason Gaylor, and done.

This kit, by the way, is one of my All-time Favorite kits.  (Jen has removed it from Scrapbook-bytes for now, but hopefully we’ll hear something soon about its new home. :D) The kraft paper is awesome. The stripes are awesome. The color scheme keeps me coming back again and again.  In fact, I’ve used pieces and parts of this in at least 10 different layouts.

 Now I know a lot of people buy a kit and use it once. And that’s cool. After all, there’s so much out there to buy and play with. But this quick layout I made with a tried-and-true kit got me thinking. That it might be cool to issue a CHALLENGE.

2Fer Tuesday 

Here’s the challenge. We’ll call it 2Fer Tuesday, ok? So between now and NEXT Tuesday (August 22), I want you to choose a kit - any kit - and make at least two layouts with it. If it’s a kit you already own, that’s great. If it’s a kit you’ve had your eye on, that’s great too.

So - you can use parts of the kit for the two layouts. You can make them all-digi, hybrid, whatev. And post them to your favorite scrappy gallery and/or your blog.

Then link them up in the comments of THIS post.

I’ll choose 4 random numbers, and send out 4 (how did I get 4 copies of this book? I don’t know) copies of this Memory Makers idea book to four lucky scrappers:

1892127911.01._aa240_sclzzzzzzz_v63178405_.jpgIt’s packed with 650 great (mostly paper) layouts. But we digis can get inspiration anywhere, right? I love to challenge myself to create paper techniques in digi, and I know you all love doing that too.

I’ll ship them for free within the US. If you live outside the US and would still love to play, that’s awesome. But you’ll have to pay for shipping, ok? :D

So shall we summarize?

  1. Make 2 layouts with the same kit.
  2. Upload them to a scrappy gallery and/or your blog
  3. Link them here in the comments of THIS post by midnight EST of Tuesday, August 22.
  4. I will choose 4 random numbers from among the links (after I’ve gone and peeked at all the scrappy goodness)  and send you out a copy of the Memory Makers idea book, The Amazing Page.



Can’t wait to see. Tell your friends too, ok? :D




Ears and Eye Candy

So I’ve had this ear infection for a long time now. Like 3 weeks at least. And since we don’t have a regular doctor here yet, I’ve been lame and not gotten it taken care of.

I know. Lame.

 But in my defense I called the doctor who is by our new place, and they can’t see me for 2 weeks. So they suggested Urgent Care. 


So on Friday it got really bad, and off I went to UC.

The Dr. was nice and confirmed that  yes indeed, I have an ear infection. I was all set to get my amoxicillin prescription and head for the pharmacy (I am old hand at this ear infection routine). Instead he prescribed ear drop antibiotics. Cipro, to be exact. The stuff of the Anthrax scare…

Well, apparently the Anthrax scare did nothing for the price of Cipro ear drops,  because even WITH insurance this little bottle was $85.00. My eyes bugged out of my head when she said that. But what you gonna do? March back to Urgent Care and demand to stand in line for another 2 hours so you can get a cheaper drug?

Serves me totally right for not signing up at a new doctor here before we even got sick. 


But I think expensive lessons are good ones now and then. They are quite effective teachers. :)

Okay, enough of ears.

Eye Candy 

We’re embroilled in choosing paint colors and basically scheming about the decor of our new place, and I happened upon these at 2modern:


They’re pressed wood and spray-paintable. We’re going  to get 2 sets for the living room.

Oh and this? Above the bed in our room. Killer.



When you leave the room...

Do you ever wonder what your kids are like when you aren’t there?

 I spend a lot of time around my kids, since they’re so tiny, but every Sunday Rowen goes into a special church class for 1 1/2 - 3 year olds called Nursery. It’s mainly toys and snacks, and the kids love it. It also gives parents a chance to go listen in a class for once (or teach one, as the case might be). Anyway, last week I got an email from a friend of mine from church. She had happened to be in the Nursery class last Sunday. She said:

Rowen played with the boys building train tracks.  Most of the boys fought over who had the most trains, but Rowen just quietly worked on her train track the whole time.  When she ran out of track pieces, she put trees and people down as the track.  I thought it was pretty cute!


I read that and laughed out loud. That’s my girl. She loves trucks and trains, and would rather play quietly by herself than with a big crowd. And she’s VERY focused. When she gets a plan in her head, she can be quite tenacious about getting it done. In fact, I snapped a picture of her building one such “train track” here a couple weeks ago. We don’t have anything in the way of track, so she improvised with pretty much all the toys from the toy boxes.

So … I guess I don’t have to worry much that Rowen turns into something different whenever I leave the room. MOST of the time, that’s probably a good thing.  



Real Life is Taupe and sore fingers

Jared arrived home at 5 p.m. We loaded the kids into the car and drove to the new house, where we discovered to our joy and amazement that the awful wallpaper comes off of the kitchen walls with relative ease. :)

 I say relative, because it does still involve scraping up a corner with a fingernail or utility knife and peeling away the top layer, then soaking the paper backing with this spray gel stuff, and then using a wallpaper scraper to scrape that away until you can see (JOY!) white wall! I never thought I’d be so happy to see white wall in the kitchen. And the whole time I was painstakingly pulling wallpaper I was muttering Why Do They Even MAKE Wallpaper Anymore? And maybe they don’t. And it’s a good thing.

My fingers are sore from picking up the corners of wallpaper. My forearms are sore from the squirtbottle of goo. And my arms are sore from the scraper. But we have half a kitchen of white wall now, and THAT is a good thing.

And in other home improvement news.. we thought we’d narrowed our paint chip choices down to one real gem. The one we could be happy with as the base coat to return the house to a Single Color to Start From. It’s called Classic Taupe. And right there, I should’ve realized the problem. No good thing can ever come out of a word like Taupe.

 And this was no exception. We bought a quart can of Classic Taupe, and a little 2-inch paint roller, and painted a test patch on the living room wall. On the chip it looks like a very nice sort of medium brown color. In the can it looked like very light milk chocolate. And on the wall?


Classic Taupe is the shade of cheap liquid foundation. Even the little sponge roller looked like a nasty dead makeup sponge.

 So back to square one. I went back to Lowe’s tonight and picked up a bunch more paint chips. And you probably guessed, none of them say the word Taupe.


A New Home.

Well, I finally had to admit that I’ve outgrown my home at Blogspot. So here I am in my new space. A square space.  :) And I’m ready to get cookin’.  (Chef.) Ha! I just had to use one of those emoticons. Forgive me.

 Anyway, I’m going to add all my PS Friday archives here, so you can have a one-stop spot to get the good info. But I have the chance to put galleries, extra pages, all kinds of stuff here, and so I’m excited about that. I think this is a good fit for me.

 So stay tuned. Changes ahead. :D

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