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Share The Love. Can you feel it?

My name is Jessica Sprague. I own the digital and hybrid scrapbooking education site I’m a wife, mama, and computer geek, along with any number of other things (janitor, laundress, chauffer, photographer, dishwasher, and that lady in the grocery store with that crazed look about her) on any other day.

I live in the suburbs. I love SuperTarget. I love scrapbook supplies in both digital and touchable varieties. I make tutorials. I teach live classes around the country, and I have an extremely soothing voice (so they tell me).

It is my professional mission to help people learn to use their computers to help them preserve their memories and tell the stories of their lives. If you have some memories, and some stories, and a copy of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, perhaps you’d like to join me? Here are some classes you can take online. And here are some free tutorials you can access anytime.

Above all, this space is dedicated to sharing. Hopefully you pull up a chair, open Photoshop, and feel some love.

And if you’d like to contact me, fill out this form here: Contact Me.